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97% of people frequently have sexual fantasies and

sex with multiple partners is the fantasy of choice

If you are not fantasizing, you are in the minority – and with such lack of interest in sex you probably haven’t even read this far. For all the rest of you, welcome to the crowd. Fantasy is good. And when not ‘in your own head,’ what better place to explore and stimulate your world of fantasy than in a hot, page-turning story?

Sexual fantasies do come true

Rose Blooms is one of those stories. Hot. Intriguing. Down and dirty. Real – according to research. The book is custom-tailored to the most common and popular fantasy, group sex. And 89% of those pleasure-pursuing people who think of group sex report fantasizing about threesomes. Rose Blooms goes one-step, one person further. It’s about two couples, neighbors, Rose and Andy Shaw and Jordan and and Louis.

The story echos many realities. One couple to the shock and surprise of the other split up and that makes the others rethink their own, getting dull relationship. Happy? Yes. But not as hot and spicy as it used to be. What to do?

First, be honest. Open up to each other. Share your fantasies. Because you can be 97% sure, your partner is fantasizing. Why not open up and discuss what is natural and true, and could lead to your a renewal of your sexual well-being.

If you want to dig deeper into how to do this then check out our recent book review on Tell Me What You Want by Dr. Justin Lehmiller. But Rose Blooms is a quick, down and dirty story that can kick-start your confidence in exploring the world of sexual fantasy. Another option: Erotic Threesome three honest, steamy short stories about ‘normal’ twosomes, but full of fantasies come true. Read an excerpt. (Kindle: $2.99).

One book, one story, can open a new chapter in your sex life.

Read it and highlight or dog-ear some of the pages that ring true to you and then pass it on to your lover to read. Excellent bedtime story – and the first chapter is a wonderfully sensuous beginning. Guaranteed, it will start a conversation – and probably much more. And if you want to try an even quicker exploration, read the 6 minute, short story, Sloane, under “Quickies.” It’s a true story from the book, Three Women, about a loving man who watches his wife, Sloane, have sex with other men. It’s a love story.

In Rose Blooms, the dynamic – the reality – of Louis and Jordan’s relationship is the proverbial ‘new chapter’ for Rose and Andy, and the fake veneer is ripped off of both couples true desires. Something many of us need.

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