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Read to stimulate the erotic brain – and your relationship.

Of course, arousal starts in the brain, and many experts claim reading erotic literature can “fire fantasies and provide sexual happiness whether you are single or in a relationship.” It gives “bedtime reading” a whole new meaning with books creating a shared, sensual connection in a relationship.

“Savor the words in good erotic writing and re-enact the fictional scenarios that particularly work for you.”

This article from Red is about staying connected to your sexual self when not having any sex and says, “It’s normal to go through periods without sex even if you’re in a relationship. Sex experts provide some intimate ideas that go beyond what’s typically considered “normal” in helping you sexually navigate those “not enough sex” stages.

What’s important says sex expert, Annabelle Knight, is to “stay connected to your sexual self.” One of the better ideas is to curl up with a erotic romance – book or short story – and let your imagination turn fiction into reality. It’s one of the reasons Fifty Shades of Grey sold more than 50 million copies and The Dying Animal is still one of Philip Roth’s bestsellers.

Reading is a helluva lot more discreet and intimate than porn video and leaves so much more to your imagination, which is powerfully and vividly tailored to your needs, in the moment. You can bookmark the “good” fictional scenes and let them be your sexual device – far less obvious than sex toys –to prompt a new sexual encounter.

This article also suggest “15 best super quiet sex toys,” but we suggest the quietest and best is, literally, a great story [the Love & Sexcess Book Store offers you a library of unimaginable great stories].

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