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The naughty, sexy facts on women over forty.

And those in their 50s and 60s aren’t far behind.

This fact-filled article (quick 2 min read) from Women’s Weekly, Australia, is not only an eye-opener, but could open up the sex lives of millions of women around the world as Australian women spill their sexy, surprising, carnal secrets.

“Women in their ‘naughty forties’ are more sexually open-minded than men of any age.” (our italics).

Here are a few more sexy numbers:

  • More than two-thirds of women want sex more often. More than a quarter reckon 4-6 times a week would be ideal.
  • Women are more into role play, dressing up and sex toys than men.
  • Oral sex has moved from risqué to a regular part of the repertoire for 87 percent of women in their 40s.

For the rest, read the article, and check out the link in it to: “11 women share their wildest sexual experiences.”


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