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Books are a woman’s best sex toys

Batteries not required, usable in public, can hold in one hand

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Women who read erotic books have 74% more sex than women who do not.

Research in The Journal of Sex Research by Harold Leitenberg found that “women who read romance or erotic novels have an astounding 74 per cent more sex with their partners than those who don’t.” And Dr. Justin Lehmiller in the research for his book Tell Me What You Want found that over 80% of women have wonderful sexual fantasies – as much as men – and that reading erotic romance can ignite desire and arousal. Think of it as foreplay – slow, sensuous, lustful thoughts that open a woman’s deep well of sexual imagination.

“Women are much more turned on by what is said, what they read and what they hear in terms of them turning on that desire button between their ears.” – sexologist, Elaine George.

And these sex toys can be hiding in plain sight on your bedside table, the kitchen table, hell, your office desk. One book, a little lust and your plugged directly into your sexuality, in ready to go. Using a book as a sex toy is the height of “cliteracy.”

Here are three reading sources to spark your flirtations. And we’ve suggested a couple of books of short stories in case you want to get started with a “quickie.”

  • Article from Now to Love: “Why do women read erotic fiction?”  (includes :55 sec video of celebrities reading from Fifty Shades of Grey). Read >>
  • Article from Woman and Home: “Sex stories: why erotic fiction is such a turn on for women, where to find it and how to write your own.” Read >>
  • Article from Healthline: “Could Reading ‘Dirty Books’ Give You More Orgasms?” Read >>
  • We recommend two books of short stories: The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica and Best Women’s Erotica. They will  introduce your libido to her new sex toy.  Read book review >>
  • And if you want mystery, murder and glorious erotic romance try our own Lori Hughes’s sizzling suspense novel, Deadsizing: A Cougar-Hansen Mystery. Read an excerpt >>

Also keep in mind that reading non-fiction books about sex can have similar effects as they take you deep into the beautiful, intricate mysteries of women’s – and men’s– sexual wonders. The embracing of new sexual knowledge can be, in itself, arousing.

As we like to say. “Read your way to better sex.”

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