“Complacency is the death of intimacy and eroticism.” – Dr. Claudia Six, author of Erotic Integrity.

Complacency is the first-cousin of ignorance and together they stop most of us from ever realizing our human potential. Nowhere is that more common, or more disastrous, than in our sexual lives. Put in colloquial terms: As long as we’re faking it, we’re losing.

This book can turn a lot of sexual losers into winners – and most of us are losing. Because we truly are illiterate when it comes to sex. This book discusses the problems, in detail, and answers a myriad of everyday – and not so everyday – questions that most of us have, but ignore, most of the time.

To not devote the time required to read this book is … well, to continue to be a loser when it comes to your sexual integrity and sexual life.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Dr. Six has coined a most appropriate nomenclature that reflects Socrates’s ancient principle. She states, “Erotic integrity begins when we examine who we are sexually and erotically.” Socrates would have agreed and might have said, “The unexamined sexual life is not worth a good fuck.” Or something like that – you get the idea. Certainly, he would have recommended reading this book.

Who are you as a sexual being?

Dr. Six writes, “There is no such thing as sexual boredom,” and she has written a whole chapter on it and how it is “a mask for unresolved conflict.” Each chapter is a theme and you can pick and choose what is most relevant for you, and like any good learning device, it includes lots of real-life, case studies. And there are questions at the end of each chapter that help you focus on what you have to do to understand and advance your erotic integrity.

She sets out three basic steps for achieving a more rewarding sex life. First, know who you truly are as a sexual being; second, embrace your sexual knowledge; and third, live your sexual life authentically. She takes on that doubt-ridden voice that’s incessantly yammering in your head and addresses, with candor, a whole bunch of questions:

  • Do you get what you want in your sexual life?
  • How to make your sex life better?
  • What’s “normal?”
  • How do you share who you really are?
  • Is there something wrong with your libido?
  • Are your fantasies a moral flaw?
  • Many, many more

Self-examine. Self-accept. Self-actualize. We add, self-inform – and start by reading this book.

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