None of us – men or women …

have learned how to have the kind of sex women love

“Ever since we’ve had kids she … [who can complete this sentence?]

Bez Stone, a certified sex coach and, as important, a mother and wife, says that damn near every man and woman in a family relationship can complete the above sentence: “… doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore.”

Bez has a lot to say about how we can overcome this universal problem and she cuts through our sexual denial, calling sex in most relationships for what it is – a “model of conventional sex” that everyone fails at. She says, “Men don’t get the touch, connection, or dynamic pleasure they crave, and women feel exhausted, hounded, and further at their wits end.”

“Sex feels like work and …just another person to please.”

The best part, and a better way to complete the above sentence, “Ever since we’ve had kids … sex can be a source of rejuvenation and pleasure—no matter what age we are and how many kids we have.”

Here’s an article Bez wrote, “The Real Reason so many Long-term Relationships Fail Sexually.” In it she gets right at the age old question: “Have you ever thought about why ‘women don’t want sex?'” She offers four excellent points on how she, post-babies, reclaimed her libido and desire. If you’re experiencing, or concerned about, sex failure in a long-term relationship – many of us are – then this is well worth the 5 minute read.

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