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A woman’s clitoris can be a surgical victim

because she has been  “shaped by civilization,” not reality.

In the modern vernacular, doctors know fuck all about the female clitoris. And today, in western civilization, medical practitioners continue female genital mutilation out of ignorance and malpractice. Mainly because they simply do not know the anatomy of the clitoris. What? you ask. We repeat, they do not know the anatomy of the clitoris.

The tale of the clitoris is a parable of culture, of how the body is forged into a shape valuable to civilization despite and not because of itself.

A patriarchal civilization doesn’t care

Sketch by Jessica Ann Pin

Our purpose is to frighten the hell out of as many clitoris owners as possible, plus start a conversation that joins women together with people like Jessica Ann Pin (read her story of clitoral surgery tragedy) in the fight for women’s sexual rights and protection from an overly ignorant, male-dominated medical profession.

What doctors do not know is much more than they do know, and listing the dearth of knowledge here is beyond the scope of our writing but we have provided a link to a study and report, The Anatomy of the Clitoris, from the Department of Urology, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia (2005). It’s written in medical terminology and although it might seem a little “bland,” it’s worth the read to truly understand the scary levels of ignorance across history.

A few highlights:

  • Typical textbook descriptions of the clitoris lack detail and include inaccuracies. It is impossible to convey clitoral anatomy in a single diagram.
  • The clitoris is a structure about which few diagrams and minimal description are provided, potentially impacting its preservation during surgery.
  • A recent review of female genital mutilation stated that as many as 120 million girls and women worldwide have been mutilated.
  • According to Kaplan, until the practical study of Masters and Johnson in 1966, “most clinicians believed that stimulation of the clitoris produced ‘clitoral’ orgasm only in infantile women, ie those who were fixated at an early state of development and had failed to achieve genital primacy. In short, retention of clitoral sensation was considered prima facie evidence of neurosis.”
  • The exact anatomy of the cavernous nerves has been defined in fetal studies but consistent demonstration in adults is lacking.
  • The lack of anatomical detail in pelvic surgical texts has reinforced the blinkered approach to pelvic anatomy typical of anatomical textbooks.

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