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“What a Smokin’ Hot Older Woman …

has to say to Women in their 20s & 30s.

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Listen up ladies. This is wisdom about loving ourselves – first and always!

“I’m a beautiful, radiant, mature woman, more fully realized than I ever knew I could be as a young woman.” – 63-year-old Sallie Cooper

Here’s an excerpt

“I put on makeup and lots of it, dyed my hair, dressed up, and looked good to compensate for my insecurities. And I slept around, obviously hoping someone would love me for my looks because I sure wasn’t offering them much else. And what happened? I got used and abused because I was pretty, and pretty easy.”

Sallie Cooper has lived many lives as mother, partner, writer, feminist, activist, widow, and domestic abuse survivor. Through her life experience of trauma and healing, she has gained strength and insight, becoming a voice of encouragement and empowerment to those seeking to live more authentic lives.

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