“Situationships,’ ‘Friends with benefits’ and …

many things 20-somethings should think about.

Last fall we were interviewed by Alisha Mahmood, co-founder of “pushing20s,” a movement, a website and a magazine pushing to inspire, support and inform 20-something women. On Instagram, Alsiha reached out to us and asked us to comment on sex and 20-somethings, and that turned into a wide ranging interview, Sex, situationships and everything in between.

It is now posted at her site and it’s worth the time of every 20-something woman to drop in and see what Alisha is building. And read the full interview.

One important thing that came out of the interview was the conflicting thoughts and rationales around the idea of sex without emotional ties. Essentially, we conclude, it’s not possible, whether your 20-something, 30-something or 60-something. For women, sex is part of our sexual being and almost any sex comes with emotional connections – with perhaps a couple of exceptions (prostitution, porn, maybe some fuck-buddy relationships) – and the continuum of sex-love-attachment is a trifecta and seldom detachable.  But in our 20-somethings, sex is such a formative need, desire and force that the decisions we make and the sex we have can have long-term impact on our sex lives.

We are also highlighting a book review we did earlier that speaks directly to 20-somethings: Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both by Dr. Laura Sessions Stepp. It’s a must-read for every 20-something and any parent of a soon-to-be or already 20-something young woman. At the end of the book is a wonderful message from the author: “A Letter to Mothers and Daughters.”

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