Is the “Age of Tinder” dead?

Dr. Ruth says it always should have been dead. Because it could kill you.

“Don’t hop into bed just because you didn’t have sex for a year and a half.” – Dr. Ruth

Fair warning from the renowned, 93-year-old sex guru, Dr. Ruth. She makes it clear that one of the biggest disasters that could come out of post-pandemic sex is the latest STDs – Covid-19. We know we can get over herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea but no one knows – repeat, no one! – what the long-term, fucking side effects of sleeping with Coivd-19 might be. You might never get over them.

Here’s a brief (2 min) interview with the famous Dr. Ruth that might just get you started on thinking about a new approach to post-pandemic sex. BTW, if you’re a big Dr. Ruth fan (we are), there’s another article, “The Goddess of Good Sex” an in depth interview (12 min) with Dr. Ruth in 2019 in The Atlantic.

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