Friends With Benefits – NOT built to last.

‘Built to last’ is a Ford truck slogan and it sure as hell doesn’t apply to FWB. On the surface, it might seem like a good idea, but it’s up against science, evolution and genetics. In fact, it’s maybe the worst idea ever. These two articles may change your thinking before your friendship changes … irreparably.

“It’s almost impossible not to get personal feelings entangled.” [Whoever used the word ‘almost’ doesn’t know a thing about human behavior. It is impossible]

From Your Tango, here are two articles, five reasons and a video of naïve women rationalizing what cannot be rationalized. Denial, yes. Reality, no way. Forget random video opinions, instead, start with these articles and then read the study facts and science and see FWB for what it really is: Our wonderful, natural, animal need for sex that was never designed for a monogamous relationship – especially the male genome. Understand that FWB is just our “noble savage” doing what nature requires, which means having sex and moving on – 85% of the time (see study).

From Your Tango:

  • Article 1) This Is How ‘Friends With Benefits’ Usually Ends, Says Study (includes 4 min video) Read/watch more
  • Article 2) 5 Reasons Why A Friends With Benefits Relationship Rarely Ever Ends Well (includes 3 min video) Read/watch more

We’ve added below the short video of opinions (1:45) – not that it adds much value, other than displaying the amount of naïveté rampant among FWB.

By the numbers

See some interesting numbers on FWB under Sex by Numbers >>

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