Are you ready for post-pandemic sex?

It could be great, it good be disastrous … get ready!

Business and stores are not the only ones getting ready to reopen, so are our sex lives. It’s been too long.

“You’re a different person now. We all are.”– Courtney Kocak, co-host of podcast, Private Parts Unknown

Some say sex is like riding a bike and we never forget how (it’s a helluva lot harder than bike riding), but this time the sex bike ride is going to be a whole fuckin’ other thing. ‘Just doing it’ like we used to is not going to keep us in the ‘competition.’ We don’t know if it will be a “grand return to the carefree sex life” of Tinder and Hinge and endless hookups or will many of us be looking to end the “age of Tinder” and start “a new chapter” in our sex lives? The Kinsey/Cosmo survey says there will be many “new chapters” written (see article: The Future of Sex).

This article, “How to Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Summer of Sex” from InsideHook will give you some good ideas on how to prepare and how to set some goals to improve your sex life.

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