“Tinder is the night” but the morning after

is a whole different story.

“When it’s so easy, when it’s so available to you, it’s very hard to contain yourself.”

What a difference a few years makes.

Not long ago Tinder, Hinge, Happn and “guys with a text game” changed the hookup world for women – seemingly forever. The technology of dating apps collided with the hookup culture (called ‘one-night stands’ for centuries) and created an unprecedented phenomenon.

“Wanna fuck” (by text) became an opening ‘pick up’ line. But then Tinder collided with Covid-19 and the world of sex changed, again.

If you want to understand this raging, outrageous part of your sex life the article, “Tinder is the Night” in Vanity Fair, written in 2015, sets the stage for the dilemma we now face with post-pandemic sex.

If we want to understand where we might be going, it is always good to understand where we – and our sex partners – have been. This is a whole bunch of eye-opening, sex revealing insights that we should all know.

Read at Vanity Fair (a wonderful 25 min indulgence in five year’s of other sex lives) >>

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