Was Covid-19 the End of Sex?

During Covid most single people had no idea when or where their next fuck was coming from.

“If I knew the last time I had sex would be the last time I was having sex, I would’ve sexed harder.” –  Ziwe Fumudoh, comedy writer, tweeted.

That was then, now is now. What a fucking difference – as in a difference in the fucking we do or don’t do.

What do we make of it?

Not sure? Well, if you want to get it right (for you), it makes sense to better understand the sexual landscape, starting with where we were “back then” (a year ago). Because we are now in a paradigm shift impacting everything from sexual attitudes and interests to needs and practices.

here’s a great article: “Is This the End of Sex” from InsideHook, written last April when we were deep in sexual quarantine.

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