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Intelligence is the sexiest attribute, the brain …

the most important sex organ and sexy librarians the most popular fantasy

Grab your library card, and check out this wild book of erotica – 22 short, salacious, not-to-be-forgotten carnal reads. Images that will last long after you are ‘finished.’ And remember, most women’s number one desired attribute in a man is intelligence, and that women who read erotica increased the amount of sex in their life by 74%. So read on in pursuit of your literary lust.

He said, “You can’t abducted men and use them this way,” She said, “You should be honored.”

“I love men who throw me off my center of gravity, who look sweet and almost innocent and turn out to be secret sadists.”

You will find something for almost every wicked imagination.

The first story is the popular air travel seduction that so many of us fantasize and it includes what can be a woman’s best sex toy, a sex book. The narrator, Brianna, has chosen for this trip, A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers by Xiaolu Guo. She is a forty-something woman who shares the seat next to her, and her book, with a young hunk, Joel. “He was ripped and tan and young looking – I pegged him for college age. I was a goner then and there.” At thirty-thousand feet, she indulges in unabashed foreplay and by the time they reach his hotel she is his submissive “lap dancing slut.” It’s delicious proof that reading about sex can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Then there’s a fantasy in a fantasy. A story of warrior women who are the ultimate dominatrices in a story that the title tells you all you need to know: The Mating Chamber. Warrior men, hunters, are shackled and paraded before the women who are free to choose their sex partner. Shresha was close enough “to lift her nose to each of the men as they slowly walked by. A spicy, masculine brew drifted on the breeze. She wrapped her arms around her middle and pressed her thighs together as lust surged through her blood.” She gets her wish and spends the next ten days locked in the ‘mating chamber’ with her choice of warrior specimen. Endless days of fucking … “Shresha, full to the hilt and in the throes of wild animalistic energy, grunted and groaned … she sucked two of his long fingers into her mouth and was immediately rewarded with an anguished and hungry groan … and then … the hardest pounding of her life.” There’s no happy-ever-after ending when the ‘mating chamber’ is unlocked as the tradition is for the men to be killed after their dedicated days of sexual servitude. But … shall we say, it’s a climatic ending.

And there are 20 other fantas-istic stories to curl up with. Who knew a sexy librarian could improve our sex life so effortlessly.

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