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A smaller dick is a male advantage and …

comedian Helen Donahue is not joking, she’s dick serious!

“Big Dick Energy is not real and it is not your friend.” – Helen Donahue

Playboy and Helen Donahue get frank, funny and insightful – and real – about why the topic of “Big Dick Energy” (BDE) is misleading and toxic. It supposedly stands for “non-toxic masculine confidence.” Such bullshit. All this “big dick” and “size matters” talk undermines men’s confidence and shrinks their ego and psyche into the depths of insecurity.

“Honestly, just give me 4 inches, I’d rather a dick be small enough to stroke my g-spot then send me shrieking to the hospital at 3 a.m.” – Helen Donahue

This is a must-read article for every man with a dick smaller than 8 inches – that’s over 90% of all men. And every woman.

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