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“Upsucking” is a special penis talent …

that owners and renters know nothing about.

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The penis is known throughout the world by men and women (the vast majority) and yet, so little is known about “him.” Why do we know so little about such an essential life giving, life supporting, pleasure creating part of our anatomy? It’s certainly not because he’s unimportant or unpopular.

For so many men, “manhood” and penis are synonymous so we want to share some highlights about this most fascinating character. And every vagina owner should play close attention.

You may be surprised to discover just how highly specialized a tool the penis is.

The fact that men and women don’t know him better has far-flung consequences in the the physiological, psychological and emotional condition of our sex lives and sexual health.

This book is a great introduction. Or for some, a further exploration of someone you know and love.

A quick scan of table of contents tells you it’s a good read: “Darwinizing What Dangles” and “The Virtues of Human Semen” to “Female Ejaculation” and “Why Girls Are So Mean to Each Other.” This is a well written adventure through the labyrinth of human sexuality.

Actually, you don’t have to read the whole book because there are topics that are just good to have for reference on your bookshelf. For example, if your not gay, you can skip parts of Part VI: “The Gayer Science: There’s Something Queer Here.” (Unless you want more insight into LGBTQ issues). But you won’t want to miss Part I: “Darwinizing What Dangles” (all about the penis) and Part V: “Ladies Night” (all about the ladies).

“The ‘activation hypothesis’ states that the heat of a woman’s vagina radically jump-starts sperm that have been hibernating in the cool, airy scrotal sac.”

You might not have explored this

“Any viable sperm becomes the equivalent of burned toast.”

Sperm are extraordinarily sensitive to even minor fluctuations in climate and if the average scrotal temperatures – typically 2.5 to 3 degrees lower than body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius – varies too much then chances of impregnation suffer. And it’s not just the woman’s vagina temperature that matters. In men, “spermatogenesis is most efficient at 34 degrees Celsius,” so when conditions for love-making don’t adhere to the “best” temperatures, the chances of fertilization drop significantly. The ideal for getting pregnant is cool balls and a hot vagina (several degrees warmer than the incoming sperm).

The scrotum and sensitivity are synonymous for reasons many couples never considered.

You will learn the evolutionary development of the male scrotum and why it hangs like as it does, why it hurts like it does when hit, and how women should “handle” it during intercourse.

This is fascinating! The semen displacement theory

Evolutionary psychologist, Gordon Gallup, proffers a remarkable hypothesis covered in this book: The semen displacement theory.

As background, circumcision is relatively new, dating back to about 2,300 BC in Egypt, and although there is no concrete evidence as to why it started, it’s thought to have been a rite of passage into adulthood. Obviously, it ignored the “rights” of the young man who had no say in the exercise. Maybe that’s why they now do it on babies because their only means of protest is to scream – and they get over it. Or do they? Who knows what trauma is embedded at such an early age?  Gallup offers some unique reasoning as to why ancient wisdom may have introduced circumcision of the foreskin.

Across time, our species has not been designed as a monogamous animal and to a powerful, genetic degree “fooling around is our modus operandi,” and yet, the uncircumcised penis was a “natural tool” counter productive to monogamous relationships. It was more prone to creating reproductive problems in a ‘cheatin’ society.

Did you know: “Only about 10% of women prefer an uncircumcised penis.”

The uncircumcised penis – before circumcision became the custom – was an effective sperm placement and “upsucking” tool, but it was also an indiscriminate sperm replanting tool. And that was not good in creating paternal lineage or assigning child-rearing responsibility. Here’s a brief explanation (the book covers it in detail).

The “upsuck” – who knew?

Here’s what Gordon Gallup found in simulated studies (done with facsimiles of penises and vaginas – you will have to read the book to see how they did it).

The more the coronal ridge extended from the shaft of the penis (the higher the ridge), the more effective it was in upsucking and removing lingering competitive sperm from around the cervix. Circumcised works better than uncircumcised. The other factor that increases the exorcism is the force and depth of penetration.

It’s possible the penis senses if ‘his’ woman has been unfaithful and that’s when his corona is critical in exorcising his suspicion and jealousy.

The penis has two goals: Insert sperm and remove sperm

The book goes into more biological and anatomical details but here’s the essence of it. Sperm can survive in a woman’s cervical mucus for several days, so if she has sex with more than one man over this period of time the sperm of both men are fighting for access to her ovum. If the penis “thinks” a competing penis has been poking around in what he thought was his private garden then he is armed to do some excavating. The corona sucks out opposing sperm.

“Intercourse following periods of separation often involve deeper and quicker thrusting.“

Often, more aggressive, physical sex is just a jealous or suspicious penis doing what he’s designed to do, using his replacement device to clean house.

Immaculate conception – not the one in the Bible

Sorry about the foreign language, best available illustration. Credit: By Axxis10 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Now here’s a trick the uncircumcised penis can do that the circumcised one can’t. Perform an immaculate conception. That is, impregnate a woman with another man’s sperm. Talk about the ultimate cuckhold.

It’s based on the same premise as above and an 24-48 hour interval in which a woman has sex with two men and one of those men has sex with two women. The woman’s ovum hang around while the vagina is fooling around. Then the second-in, uncircumcised penis, operating as a displacement device,  extracts the ‘first-to-arrive’ sperm and then, unwittingly, dispenses them to other ovum in a different warm pool of mucus. You’ll have to read the book (in early chapter, approximately page 20).

There’s much more

From the great philosopher Aristotle’s insight that a woman’s discharge “far exceeds” the seminal emission of a man to Ernst Gräfenberg‘s discovery of the “G-spot” (which turns out not to exist according to Dr. Ruth and new scientific revelations covered in Cosopolitan) this book offers a plethora of information, insight and valuable knowledge to advance our understanding of human sexuality. Thereby, advancing our lives as sexual beings.

Must-reading for those in quest of greater sexual satisfaction.

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