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In sex “fake” is destructive but …

sex in fiction is regenerative and renewing.

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 “74% of women who read erotic fiction have more sex.”

We have posted an excerpt from the novel, Deadsizing: One unimaginable murderous truth and one irresistible erotic attraction. Lori Hughes’s most compelling, erotic mystery is deeply immersed in the reality of murder, love and sex and tells a story of an erotic relationship that’s as close to the truth, and as far from “fake,” as any woman would fantasize.

Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite: “In that moment, there was more than a physical awareness, it was an undeniable connection across a forbidden divide. She felt his arousal … then the power of his embrace, the intensity of his body, the hunger in his hands. Her innermost, sexual yearning rushed to his needs.”

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