Each year millions celebrate National Masturbation Day, which was so-named in 1995, and although we do not know how widely it is celebrated, we do know it is not confined to one day a year.

Doctors now tell us that masturbation reduces stress, boosts the immune system and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Terrifying myths have been debunked. In a 1970s-era book, The Yoga of Perfect Sight, Indian doctor R.S. Agarwal attacked the then somewhat common belief that masturbation “causes blindness.” Nor is it true that a person’s shoulder will be lower on the side of the hand used to masturbate—a myth that raised dark suspicions about aunts and uncles with spinal curvatures.

“The employee [was] warned about his behaviour two years earlier …”

Original by Philip Mathias, published May 27, 2019 in Quillette

Photo: Even in love/Narcissism” by Félicien Rops (1833-1898)

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