Why do women sexually disrespect and …

deny their sexual needs, and their partner’s?

(4 min)

“57.1% of women want their partner to feel successful.”

This fake orgasm contagion is only going to get solved if we women resolve to change our nurturing, submissive, disrespectful treatment of our orgasms – or the lack of them. 57% of women say they fake because of his feelings, the fear of his being disappointed in his performance and suffering a sense of rejection. It’s illogical. Destructive – to ourselves, him and the relationship.

Any “good man” doesn’t want a sexual relationship based on fake. And if he does, he isn’t worth keeping anyway. Open honest and direct is the only way road to sexual fulfillment. Everything else is a ticket to nowhere.

Here’s an excellent article by Dr. Sarah Hunter with insight into some of the debilitating reasons and numbers as to why women fake their way to disillusionment and disappointment.

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