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One unimaginable murderous truth and …

one irresistible erotic attraction!

The only thing more intriguing than sexy sheriff Mike Cougar is the murder mystery and the carnal need for his too-sexy-to-be-a-cop deputy sheriff, Gritt Hansen, Olympic medalist in the women’s 400 metres.

Deadsizing: A Cougar-Hansen Mystery rips the veneer off a terrorizing question that explodes into corporate offices across America: Is a serial killer assassinating CEOs in an attempt to stop the carnage of corporate downsizing? The only witness to Sheriff Mike Cougar’s secret is the murdered Chrystine Goodall, the beautiful wife of Syntex’s CEO. Facing unsolved murders is not new to Mike and Gritt but the irresistible sexual attraction between them is. While working closely together – too close – over endless nights, they must avoid wanton lust becoming ‘obstruction of justice’ – at least until they uncover the unimaginable truth behind the murders.

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