Erotic women can be leaders and this ode …

 “I am Woman” is a tribute to sexually empowered women.

(3 min)

“I am erotic. My sexual energy can be soft and sensual as well as provocative … It’s a magical energy that I wouldn’t share with just anyone. You have to earn that privilege.” – Ilda Dashi

See how your feelings align with these beautifully poetic, honest, self-empowered feelings. Like the book we have reviewed, “Fuck Him! Nice Girls Always Finish Single” (click bio/Book Reviews), it shares the importance of learning how the real magic in a relationship is in the real you (and him), and if it doesn’t happen then the magic – the real you – should get the fuck out of the relationship.

“Let me tell you: a sensual erotic woman in touch with her erotic essence is wise as fuck.” – Ilda Dashi

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