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Sexual performance? You’re not in charge …

your brain is. And you’re in your head too much!

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“If our genitals could speak, they would tell us that they do not appreciate feeling pressured to perform.” – Aurika Valan

Being in your head can be a problem when it comes to ‘giving head’ or any other glorious sex act. Because we ‘think’ – too much – that the act off sex is a performance act and when we think about it we seldom can perform at a level we would like. Certainly not star level.

Performance anxiety in women is not only an orgasm inhibitor, it can be a sexual relationship and total relationship inhibitor.

“We give our power away by letting others’ expectations and opinions affect our feeling of self-worth.”

Here’s an insightful article, In Your Head During Sex? You’re Not Alone by Aurika Valan, including a few tips to overcome the debilitating pressure our head creates in our sex life.

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