‘Doubts and Fears Don’t Make You a Bad Parent’

Gen Z Mums On Having Kids Young.

(4 min)

“I’m just as much a other as anyone else.” – Naemi, and Kalim, 1

Yahel and Ariel (photo: Lucia Jost)

Growing up while raising a child isn’t easy. But despite the challenges and other people’s judgment, young mothers have a lot to be proud of.

The stereotypical media coverage of teenage mothers do not reflect reality and as Berlin-based photographer Lucia Jost says, “All the young mothers I know are incredibly self-sufficient [and] I have enormous respect for these women and the relationship between mother and child.”

As one teen mother says, “It’s been by far the most time-consuming and hardest thing to ever happen in my life. There isn’t much room for error. But I’m so proud of it.”

This is a perspective that every mother should find worth understanding and empathizing with.


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