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‘Getting it on’ after the baby arrives …

with leaky boobs and wonky libidos.

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“Let’s be real, sex after pregnancy is scary.” – Emily Johnson

Not only can our sex lives, relationships and life in general get pretty damn scary they can also be “messy” with leaky boobs, dormant libidos and not enough of us to go around to fill the needs of others. let alone ourselves.

In this excellent article from Elephant Journal by Emily Johnson, you will get two important perspectives. Yes, the messy-demanding part and the “emotional stuck stuff” but also the beautiful honoring of ourselves and our changed bodies. Emiluy talks about practicing to “listen, honor, and clear away emotions that may be blocking us and open up our sex drive.”

“I thought sex after having a baby was even better than before. I believe that witnessing the ability of my body to create an amazing little human being was empowering and healing. I found a new love for my body.”


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