Is sex in fiction closer to reality than real sex?

Compare these three excerpts and decide for yourself.

In the novel Conflict of Interest, Yale Walter’s is more than  an investment risk for Victoria Dyson, he’s an erotic and torturous conflict of interest between her financial responsibility and shameless desire. In the world of big money, high above the glass ceiling, the seduction is wild, wanton and wonderful.

From Lisa Taddeo’s bestselling, non-fiction, Three Women, we’ve selected two excerpts, one from Sloane’s life of sexual freedom in a threesome with her husband Richard and their good friend Wes. The other is Lina’s story about the desperation, beauty and love of cheating.

Victoria’s story is fiction but her high flying, delicious sexual adventures could be as real as Sloane’s or Lina’s.

Explore, enjoy and decide for yourself where the shades of sexual reality are as true and deeply emotional as the erotic beauty of fiction.

Sloane’s threesome (7 min) >>

Lina’s affair (5 min) >>

Victoria’s conflict of interest (7 min) >>

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