Hindsight is worth a million ‘hook ups’

Did Covid sexual distancing teach us anything about casual sex?

“I was eating men like a praying mantis … it was a dependency.” – Pavlina Fedakova

In this 3 minute article one woman rips the veneer off of millions of women’s emotional longings and need for casual sex.

She wrote it just when Coivid-19 started body-slamming our sex lives into isolation (March 2020), and we can see now, in hindsight, that she asked the questions we all should still be asking post-Covid as we risk once again exposing ourselves to the terrible habit of “bandaging our deepest hurts with more casual sex.”

This could be the best 3 minutes you invest in reflecting on your casual sex life before you jump back in the deep end of the sex pool without a life jacket – a stronger sense of self, self-respect and self-love.

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