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Is post-covid sex more adventurous or cautious?

Some of us now have FOGO (fear of going out) and FODA (fear of dating again). It’s to be expected and we shouldn’t be either guilt-ridden or dismissively ‘don’t-give-a-shit.’ We should be reflective, thoughtful … and do what’s best for us. And inherent in our decision is ‘caveat emptor’ – don’t let your horniness overpower your common sense. Don’t glibly blow off ‘safe sex’ with the growing, but ignorant, social meme, ‘fuck sexual distancing.’ Even Tinder is getting smarter and moving beyond the ‘swipe and fuck age.’

But millions are throwing caution to the wind and … to sex parties, private sex clubs and the new unprotected STD, Covid. Yikes!

Excellent article from Mashable (6 min).

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