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Post-covid sex: Just when we thought it was safe to jump back in bed

This fuckin’ Covid virus is like a bad movie or a serial horror story and it could be the worst STD we’ve ever encountered. And it just might be coming back with a vengeance. Different name (Delta variant), same shit! Even Steven Spielberg couldn’t make up this horror in our sex lives.

We’ve gathered a little reading to take your mind off involuntary abstinence – if you’re still practicing it (or ever did).

  • Last week we featured a short story, Sexual Distancing, Romance, Sex and the Virus and for those who missed it, we’re directing you to it again. “Mutual masturbation is a great solution, until … Read more (7 min) >>
  • This week we’ve posted three articles: What Covid is Teaching Us About Sex & Pleasure Seeking; and Do You Really Want to Break Up, or Are You Just Horny for Post-Vax Summer? Plus, People are more sexually adventurous right now — and more cautious. Read more >>

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