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Sex can feel this good? Thank you CBD!

“I unlearned my cannabis bias.” – Ashley Manata

CBD just might be your sex life’s best friend. Maybe we can re-coin the phrase “sex with benefits” to include sex with CBD? There are many uses that can increase pleasure and intimacy and greatly improve the physical experience (overcome discomfort and pain.

We’re currently reviewing a couple of CBD books and will be posting the reviews shortly. For today, we’re posting the Amazon review for  Mary Jane: The CBD Solution, and we’re going to read, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better–and Get High Like a Lady by Nikki Furrer.

Lots more to come on sex and CBD. So be informed and see what it can do for your sex life.

BTW, we have a sponsor, Cowgirl, who makes a naturally hand-crafted CBD lubricant that is wonderful – and truly worth trying: Cowgirl Sex Soss. [20% off first order when you use our code (LANDS20)]

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