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“Cannasexual” (noun): Anyone who combines cannabis and sex …

to deepen intimacy, enhance pleasure and have better sex.

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a Stanford study in 2017 researching whether heterosexual cannabis users had more, less or the same amount of sex as non-users. Fifty thousand participants reported an unexpected trend:

Average sexy-times over 4 weeks:

  • Non-cannabis partaking women: 6 times
  • Cannabis partaking women: 7.1 times
  • Non-cannabis partaking men: 5.6 times
  • Cannabis partaking men: 6.9 times

Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function.”

This article, Cannasexuals know a better way to Do Things…in the Bedroom & in Society by Khara-Jade Warren is well worth the read – as is the use of many forms of cannabis.

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