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Is Your Sex Lube Full of Toxic Chemicals?

Probably … if so, it’s time to go natural.

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“Do you really know what you’re putting on your genitals?”

Excellent article from Michael Stahl at InsideHook. He states clearly, “Many legacy lubricants, like KY and Astroglide, for example, are made with ingredients linked to a host of health issues … and it’s one of the primary reasons for the recent emergence of organic lubes.”

He writes, Human beings put nine different personal care products on their body on a daily basis, according to one survey, while another study found  the average woman puts 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every day [our italics].

Reading this article will be good for your health, particularly your sexual health. Love his closing line: “… it might be best to find the kale-salad equivalent of lube for your privates, versus what you’ll get out of a metaphoric Big Mac.”

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[Sponsor] Cowgirl from the ‘Mile High City’ of Denver is a Colorado proud company (here’s to Colorado for making CBD legal), and they know a thing or two about ‘high’ and CBD. They create natural, hand-crafted CBD products and have a whole line up, from their award winning Sex Soss lubricant to Slumber Support, Muscle Melt and AM and PM.

It’s worth a browse – and you get 20% off your first order when you tell them we sent you [Code LANDS20].


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