Maybe it holds a secret or two about your sex life? Or not.

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Lori Hughes shares the four “must-haves” she has in her nightstand. And why?

“I used to have a large nightstand filled with all kinds of ‘stuff.’ But I’m a minimalist so cleaned house … but kept my fave “must-haves.”

Item #1 – Books (several)

Actually I keep several books close at hand and two are always about sex, usually one fiction and one non-fiction. Right now, I’m reading Laurelin Paige’s, Found In You, which is part of a series. I read Fixed On You a while back (read it first). And I have Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are Workbook – for doing my favorite homework. On top of the pile but not started yet is, Merry Jane: The CBD Solution. – really looking forward to learning more about how CBD can enhance my sex life.

Item #2 – CBD lube

This is a must. ‘I don’t just like it, I love it.’ And I bought the Merry Jane CBD book to learn more. It’s not just the lube effect, we don’t really need that. It’s the arousal, the tingling, we both love. And it truly has a relaxing effect in my head. I told my hubby that once and he said, “My head loves it too.” We’ve tried edibles too. Cool. We’ve tried several and Cowgirl Sex Soss [sponsor] is the best. One of my essentials.



Item #3 – Essential oils

Speaking of essential, my bedtime ritual always includes essential oils – Saje, “Sleep” is my go-to choice. The only problem with it is, it’s supposed to help me sleep but it does the opposite for my hubby. One whiff, one cuddle and sleep is the last thing on our mind. Talk about a ‘bonus’ … essential oils can often make sex essential.



  Item #4 – sex toy (ok more than one)

Almost everyone has their fave but I find having a small assortment (3) is a good idea. Because you never know what might come up – with ‘him,’ solo or mutual. I recently saw something new (love new stuff), the Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibrator” and going to confer with my sex toy aficionado (partner) and see if he wants four ‘best friend’ devices close at hand. I’ve found that sometimes we have no intention of using a toy but then … “wow, we’re reaching for one. The surprise is an extra turn on. Sometimes two ‘best friends’ come out the same time, the vibrator and CBD spray.

I know nightstands are part of our private, personal sanctuaries but give some thought to sharing some of your secrets and faves – we girls need all the suggestions we can get.

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