Does Sex Count as Exercise?

You bet your sweet ass it does!

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“If your sex is very physical and you have a very physical partner, it can definitely be a workout.” –  Dr. Christopher Vincent, sports physician.

If it’s hot and you can feel the burn, you’re burning calories. Sounds like sex … is sex. Like any workout it’s helping your cardiovascular, muscular and brain functions. Dr. Vincent says, “The more you’re working a specific muscle group to fatigue (our italics), the more benefit you’re going to get. Cardiovascularly, the higher your heart rate for a longer duration (our italics), the more cardiovascular benefit.”

Note the importance of “to fatigue” and “longer duration,” both necessary rules of any physical workout and when it comes to sex, it can be of considerable benefit to women.

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Here’s a little ‘something’ (actually two ‘somethings’) that carry a whole lot of pleasure for your sexercise – before, during and after. And Cowgirl Sex Soss is a 2021 Award-Winning “Best Sexual Stimulant/Lubricant.” It can be a win-win  for your sexercise. And Cowgirl Sore Soss received a perfect score of 100/100 at the 2021 Connoisseur Cup.


Cowgirl Sex Soss is a CBD spray lubricant that is both a clitoral and penis stimulant. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, strengthens orgasms and decreases the time to get to orgasm. We know that two-thirds of the time women don’t reach orgasm during intercourse so why not use the ‘science’ of natural CBD products to help you overcome the constraints of your biological science.

Cowgirl Sore Soss is a CBD infused “Muscle Melt” for all that post-workout soreness whether it’s a hot sexercise marathon or just a hard exercise burn.

Shouldn’t both these natural, hand-crafted products be in your nightstand?

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