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Make the bedroom your gym and …

your partner the best dumbbell you ever worked out with.

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“Try new positions that will work your core and blow your… mind.”

The subtitle of this book tells you all you need to know: Sexual Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump, Tone While You Bone and Shred in the Bed. In other words, how to have a great fucking workout.

It’s a fun book and the recommended workouts are a lot more than fun. This is “sexercise” in vivid illustrations with tips, tricks and new ideas, even nutritional suggestions.

It notes that “Experts say that during a sexual romp a person can burn between 100-150 calories.” Hell, what’s not to like? Hell, why not read a little so you can learn a lot about how to fuck and workout at the same time.

Maybe even learn how to compete in a sex-triathlon – that’s not a threesome, just a marathon performance.

Here’s Amazon’s review

“It’s time to work out, but your partner wants to be intimate. Sexual Fitness is the simple solution to this wonderful dilemma. Make your bedroom your gym and your partner your dumbbell. Most sex books are just description manuals or photo albums with silly photos of waxed couples making ridiculous faces while they try to hide any genitalia from the camera. The truth is that when you are getting it on you don’t want to stop to read the next paragraph. Sexual Fitness is a quick reference funny-read-for-the-bedroom excercise catalyst. As entertaining as they come, SEXUAL FITNESS also strives to give you an incredible and ass-kicking challenge. Experts say that during a sexual romp a person will burn between 100-150 calories. While there is no way of truly aggregating what you’ll burn, these workouts are designed to help you burn between 220-400 calories per workout or more!

Here are a few new positions that will help you work your core and blow your… mind:

  • A Man A Hand A Plan
  • Perpendickular Lines
  • The Mermaid and the Sailor
  • The Ballerina Bunnies
  • The Reverse Cowgirl
  • Eat, Pray, Hump
  • Crotching Tiger Horny Dragon
  • Banana Split with a Cherry on Top

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