Music to help your workout and fucking routines come together.

From Superdrug Online Doctor, a 23 minute love-making fitness track for couples looking to get athletic in the bedroom. Designed to sync perfectly with calorie-burning sex sessions, the track aims to help couples to work up a sweat between the sheets.

Available for download for free, the track is designed for couples to pace their love-making movements to the changing beat of the music. For all the boomers who are tired of playing Bolero, from the 1979 movie “10,” this might be a new run on the beach.

Following research which shows that couples can count love-making as ‘moderate exercise’ and with 80% of couples prepared to change their usual sexual routine if it would help them keep fit or lose weight, the track was developed as a fun way to show the health benefits an energetic love making session can have.

Have a listen and download at Superdrug >>


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