“No!” is a complete sentence and …

 all we princesses need to know how, when and where to use it.

“I don’t understand the confusion around consent. It’s not complicated—it’s actually simple as fuck.”

Many of the problems around consent are nothing more than men reacting poorly to rejection and acting out, just as they did as children. They still want what they want, trampling someone else’s boundaries and discomforts in the process.

We do not have consent if:

  • Someone says “no.”
  • A person’s judgment is impaired—after drinking for example.
  • We use a position of influence or a power differential to coerce sex.
  • We use emotional force or intimidation to obtain sex.
  • We had consent at one point and someone changes their mind.

“Boys will be boys” is bullshit. Here are four things you can teach your sons.

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