“Pick-Me-Girls” are insecure and fake …

like “Himpathy women” and their fake orgasms.

These women sure as fuck aren’t helping any of us.

“Pick-Me-ism”and “himpathy” are the epitome of insecure, weak women desperate for male attention and willing to tear down other women to support their insecurity. The irony and the self-loathing are transparent.

Here’s a great article, “The Problem With TikTok’s “Pick-Me Girl” (7 min) that is a wake-up call for any and all women interested in minimizing the misogyny that’s rampant in our culture – but being exacerbated by these “Pick-Me” women.

Sad … sick!

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You might also want to catch our book review of Kate Manne’s excellent book, Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny (includes a podcast interview with Kate Manne). Read more at Book Reviews >>

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