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“Welcome to my vagina …”

In here, I make the rules!”

Wow! Honest, healthy, sex talk – in advertising – that talks about women’s wonderful sexual world. “Welcome to my vagina” is a great conversation starter.

Girls, we have to openly and honestly talk about all things sex, and here, finally, are advertisements talking about the health and well-being of all things previously not talked about. What we are willing to talk about says a lot about where we are in our sex lives.

Four great commercials


“No one likes odor below the belt … kiss your stinky butt good-bye.” This will crack you up (pun intended) and one piece of advice in Lume video, “Stop putting things inside,” should be directed at Gwyneth Paltrow and all her goopy bullshit.


“Welcome to my vagina. In here, I make the rules … and Rule #1. Keep it real, no hormones.” This is funny. Of course it’s Annie Murphy from Schitt’s Creek.


“Your vagina is queen … but alas, menopause threatens her kingdom.”


Underwear that absorbs your period

Honest sex … it’s about fuckin’ time!

If we start talking honestly about sex – to quote one of the above ads – “You’ll be able to geni-tell the difference” and go a long way to living an honest and better sex life.

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