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A woman’s body is a must-read if …

you expect a happy-ever-after ending.

If ‘knowledge is king’ then the king of lovers is a man who knows the deep, divine, inner workings of a woman’s body and how to read her every need, desire and most intimate responses.

“I was lucky this new lover was skilled at reading my body—from my breath to my hip movement, the level of lubrication, and the little moans coming from my lips. I was ready before he entered.”

All women have unique sexual responses … clues, signs and signals and it’s critical that both lovers know them, intimately. If not, it becomes sex with varying degrees of fake, pretense and disappointment.

We’ve posted an excellent article, How to Listen to [sense] a Woman’s Body, which the female author, Addison Bell openly and honestly shares the physical needs and responses she needs her man to be aware of, and respond to, during a complete session of sex.

“Women who read erotic stories have 74% more sex.” [read that again]

We recommend that if your sex story is to have a happy-ever-after ending then you and your lover(s) should invest some love in reading and learning, together, the wonders and mysteries of your bodies. And we have an endless array of articles, book reviews, short stories and books for you to browse at your leisure.

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Other bodily needs

Happy-ever-after also depends on your physical comfort, your relaxed mindset and your arousal levels and for that we recommend a variety of uses of cannabis. Most important is the use of a CBD lubricant, which takes care of the comfort and the arousal all in one. We recommend Cowgirl Sex Soss [partner], which is the best hand-crafted CBD lube we know – from the cannabis and hemp capital of the world, Colorado, USA.

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