Can CBD result in more satisfying sex?

“OMG Yes” … and less pain, less anxiety and more and better orgasms.

Here are just a few “good news” stories of how CBD can result in more satisfying sex – from alleviating soreness to enhancing relationship satisfaction:

  • Women reported being 33% faster to orgasm
  • 72% of men and 76% of women said they experienced stronger orgasms
  • 66% of both men and women use CBD to alleviate sexual anxiety
  • Men lasted 31% longer before orgasm

For the rest of the CBD “good news” from a recent survey, we’ve posted a great article, CBD Resulted in More Satisfying, Less Painful Sex, Survey Finds (4 min).


“Sexual magic” in a bottle

It is becoming clearer and clearer that there can be a lot of sexual magic in this tiny bottle. Research is confirming that more and more couples are finding CBD and cannabis are great sexual partners to have close at hand. And even if you don’t live in Colorado, USA, you can still can still have the authentic Cowgirl Sex Soss for your sexual wellness needs.

As the above article points out, CBD can “enhance sexual intercourse and create more intimacy between lovers. There’s lube, satisfaction-boosting serums, post-coital relief oil, vaginal and anal suppositories, aphrodisiac chocolates, and the list goes on.” And we recommend you check out the award-winning Cowgirl Soss (partner) from “mile-high country” Colorado, home of some of the best naturally, hand-crafted CBD products.

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