Can we have sex back on campus?

“Sex on campus doesn’t lead to babies, it leads to lawyers in polyester suits.” – Alice Dreger

OMG! In the academic world where sex education (for what it’s worth – not much) has been folded into “gender studies,” we have created a culture in which, “We are willing to talk with them [women] about gender, but not about the flesh that performs it.” The importance of sexual pleasure has been overridden by gender equality and sex education at universities where the focus is on the mind and gender equality, not on pleasure and the body.

Alice Dreger, Ph.D. and author of Galileo’s Middle Finger has written a perspicacious article in Quillette, Can We Have Sex Back? Can academia get back to women understanding the pleasure of sexual equality, not just gender equality? We need to be aware of this cultural bias and demand getting back to the devotion and attention needed for sexual pleasure. Because there’s a lot of sex on campus that should be better than it is.

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