There’s a lot to know and size matters (dosage).

Surveys show the majority of people (68%) have better sex when using Cannabis and CBD. But there’s a lot to learn and anyone interested should get up to speed on how to use CBD for sex. And this article by Livvy Ashton, CBD for Sex: Can Hemp Oil Boost Libido and Arousal? covers what you need to know – from frequency of use to how long the effects last. Well worth the read.

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From the”cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA

Of course, if we are to learn we should learn from the best, and there is a ton of the best in the cannabis field (no pun intended) in the “cannabis capital of the world,” Colorado, USA.  We recommend Cowgirl Soss [partner], which has some of the best hand-crafted CBD products. Two of our go-to, favorites are Cowgirl Sex Soss and Cowgirl Sore Soss. Two great products for two frequent needs: One for great sex and the other for after-sex, or after-gym, sore muscles.

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