Can cannabis create better orgasms?

“Research showed cannabis led to longer, more satisfying orgasms.”

CBD can dramatically improve your sex life and CBD lubricants and cannabis can create better orgasms, reducing discomfort and pain, increasing libido and decreasing stress. 68% of people said CBD “improved their sex life” and 98% said CBD “helped alleviated pain during sex.”

“It saved my marriage.”

Excellent article from InStyle: Here’s How CBD Can Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life.

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Colorado’s Rocky Mountain High

From Colorado, the cannabis capital of the world, we have found a CBD sex product [partner] that truly lives up to its name, Cowgirl Sex Soss. It’s a natural lubricant and stimulant that increases blood flow and arousal, lowers stress levels, alleviates discomfort and boosts your sex life and sexual well-being.

And if you enjoy take-charge-sex in the cowgirl position then this naturally, hand-crafted sex lube, created by a true Colorado cowgirl, is made for you (check out our earlier post about the 15 techniques of the cowgirl position). And you might want to read our post, “Is Your Sex Lube Full of Toxic Chemicals?

68% of people surveyed said CBD improved their sex life. And 98% said it helped alleviated pain during sex.

As the real cowgirl says, “Don’t leave home without it.” And we add, “Have lots around you home.”

Right now, Cowgirl Soss is offering 20% off your first order. Just click here (code: LANDS20)

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