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We’ve been lied to about women’s sexuality …

and the truth is very different. It’s quite normal, very exciting and easily understood. So learn all about it – read this New York Times bestseller

It’s amazing what honesty and science can do for our understanding. Enough knowledge and a enough guidance to affect the rest of our sex life and all of life itself – if we pay attention.

And when it comes to our life’s happiness, our sex life is a critical foundation. If it is fucked up, our life doesn’t have much of a chance at fulfillment. Biologically and psychologically, our sexual being has so much to do with every other part of our being. And yet, most of us make little effort to understand the truths of our sexuality or dispel the cultural myths that hold us captive in a frustratingly, false sex life. It’s a lousy way to live.

This book can ‘go a long way baby’ to changing that.

“This book contains information that I have seen transform women’s sexual wellbeing. I’ve seen it transform men’s understanding of their women partners.” – Dr. Emily Nagoski

Come As You Are is a sex gold mine, from nuggets to the motherload, it is a wealth of information waiting for you to explore, mine, mull, muse and use to transform your sex life – for life. No matter your age, your stresses, your hang ups, Dr. Nagoski scientifically proves so many things that are critical to your sexual being. And she disproves a ton of myths.

The problem here is that we’ve been taught to think about sex in terms of behaviour, rather than in terms of the biological, psychological, and social processes underlying the behaviour.

Dr. Nagoski states, “If you really want to understand human sexuality, behaviour alone won’t get you there.” She describes, in detail (including “worksheets”) the why and how of our sexual behaviour, the roots of desire and arousal and all that underlies our behaviour.

There is so much between the covers of this book. Here are a few overarching takeaways:

  • Every women is sexually unique, different from all others – and that is very normal.
  • Context is everything, it creates or deters sexual emotions, desires, arousal … and performance.
  • It’s not about what you do in bed or how you do it, it’s about how you feel about it – about trust, stress, mood, honesty.
  • Embracing your sexuality as it is opens you up to creating a context for the greatest pleasure you have ever imagined.

For sex, and your sexual being, to be the best that it can be, requires – like all things worthwhile – understanding, which in turn requires knowledge, which in turn requires dedication and practice. And practice makes perfect … as in perfect ecstasy. Dr. Nagoski has also created a companion Workbook.

Come As You Are is a great ‘playbook’ and an excellent starting point. And the Workbook is well worth the price, whether you’re studying alone or pulling an all-nighter with your partner. Isn’t it time to get your Masters Degree in sexual well-being?

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PLUS: Great podcast

Also among our archives is a terrific podcast with Emily Nagoski (1:21:58) in which she talks about how to shed your insecurities, connect more closely with your partner, and define pleasure on your own terms [from Farnum Street’s Knowledge Project]. Listen now >>

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