“Missionary” in sex can be ordinary

or it can create the deepest, trusting connection.

“His aggression finds its denouement in her yielding.”

The missionary position is consider by many as “ordinary” – same old, same old – but it doesn’t have to be. Even though we often think the missionary position is just standard ol’boring this “unremarkably ordinary way to have sex is also the way we encounter our deepest selves because we transcend ourselves to find union with another.”

Here is an excellent article by a Shakespearean scholar, Marilyn Simon, who put the wonders of the missionary position in perspective and proposes, A Modest Defence of the Missionary Position Read now (10 min) >>

Plus, for those who want to take it beyond boring, an article from Cosmo, 12 Surprising Things Guys Love About Missionary. Read now (2 min) >>

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