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Was pandemic a sex and CBD ‘field of dreams?’

Sex and cannabis became a pleasure-inducing pairing during the pandemic

At the height of the pandemic (summer 2020) a Playboy survey found “daily cannabis consumption increased and daily alcohol consumption decreased while people sheltered in place.”

The good news: Many CBD users have reported reduced levels of stress and anxiety, which is great for sex. And the combination of cannabis, sex and orgasms is almost always guaranteed to reduce stress.

Playboy did a survey and asked: What has your cannabis consumption looked like during Covid? How is your sex life? Is one helping the other, or has the pandemic killed any and all good vibes? Results showed that “across the board, respondents’ vape, edible, preroll/joint and topical consumption increased while their cannabis flower consumption decreased.

CBD topicals increased 100%

A few highlights:

  • 75% reported pairing sex with cannabis during the first several months of lockdown
  • 32.9% reported using cannabis before sex “very often”
  • 29% said they used it “sometimes.”
  • Orgasms increased with 5.6% of respondents climaxing more during Covid after toking up

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CBD Sex lube

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