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Your vagina is not dead she is …

taking a nap. A clarion call for women and sex after 40.

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You can have the best sex of your life after 40 and this book shows you the path.

We slightly paraphrased Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith who said, “She’s not dead, she’s taking a nap. Let’s wake her up.” And she has written a wonderful, insightful book that will lift your sexual spirits to new heights. Not to mention your libido and your sex life after-40, after-50, hell after-60.

She has a candid disclaimer, “I am extremely conscious that most women in the world have more pressing things to worry about than fulfilling sex.” And then goes on to show in vivid stories and details that fulfilling sex is an indisputable ingredient for any woman who wants to “press” for a fulfilling life.

She started with the facts, the reality. She did one of the largest surveys ever of women over 40 and the answers and insights she got are … wonderful, revealing and encouraging for every woman who has experienced the midlife crisis or is apprehensive about it’s ‘coming soon’ (every thirty-something should read this book). Dr. Susan, in addition to sharing her own midlife crisis, takes us inside many women’s experiences through beautifully honest and raw interviews.

This book is essential reading for any woman who not only wants to reawaken her sex life in the “second-half” but take it to deeper sexual satisfaction and fulfillment than ever imagined possible.

She has a phrase that captures the essence of the book: “The beautiful potential of the wisdom of midlife.”

A few highlighted quotes

  • If women aged 40 to 65—and older—can have the joyful sexual energy of a 22-year-old then clearly nothing is gone; it’s just hidden. And that means we can find it.
  • Wrinkles, soft belly, sagging boobs, gray hair, and all. That’s sexy. And if it doesn’t sound like you, don’t worry; you are not alone. She’s in there, patiently waiting to be found.
  • Beyond a connection with their partner, they were deeply connected to themselves.
  • These women had filled it themselves. They knew their own bodies, were unashamed, knew how to pleasure themselves, and were comfortable asking for—even demanding—what they needed.
  • They knew how to communicate with kindness and truth, and seemed to have accepted themselves as being enough, loving themselves first with the understanding that you can’t give what you don’t have.
  • They saw the second half of life as an opportunity, not a curse. They approached their relationships with themselves and their partners with intention and found ways to keep things fresh, new, and fun.
  • Pursuing happiness is a privilege that we should never forget.
  • Go deeper and refuse to live an unlived and unexamined life.

And in conclusion:

  • This path to deep sexual connection and satisfaction is available to anyone who is ready to commit and is willing to embark on the journey.

Read this liberating book and change your “midlife sex crisis” into “midlife sexual fulfillment.”

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