Sex diet: Eat your way to better sex!

“What we eat can affect how enjoyable sex is.” – Shamyra Howard

They say, ‘we are what we eat’ and perhaps nowhere is this more important than in our sex lives. The good news is that with the right sex diet we can eat our way to better sex.

Here’s an article from Well+Good by Natalie Arroyo Camacho, 9 Foods for Sexual Longevity That Support Healthy Intimate Relationships at Any Age that just might change your eating and sex habits – for the better!

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Is CBD in your sex diet?

Tens-of-millions of people enjoy marijuana [55-94 million in US (17-28%); 11-12 million in Canada (27%); 159 million worldwide [4%)] and the benefits of cannabis is leading the way in everything from medicine and stress to insomnia and sex (our favorite specialty).

Incorporating the use of cannabis as a regular and moderate part of your routine and diet – whether food or exercise or sexercise – can have many benefits.

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Colorado, USA is known as the “hemp and cannabis capital of the world” and we have found an enterprising CBD company, Cowgirl Soss [sponsor] that offers an award-winning lineup of CBD products. Check out the full range of products they offer, especially the Cowgirl Sex Soss, which just might be the best sexual and intimacy enhancement you’ve ever tried.

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