89% of us have had relationship sex issues

That’s 9-of-10 of us missing out on a portion of one of life’s greatest experiences.

“This isn’t just about sex, this is about your life.” – Bez Stone

Which of these two graphs looks like your life? (Bez Stone explains them in her revealing TEDx Talk).

In fact, these are Bez Stone’s depiction of the difference between male and female orgasms. Men on the left, women on the right. And she says orgasm problems, particularly women’s, reflect much of our lives – like a roller coaster. “We live in a high achieving society but we are less satisfied than ever,” she says. “None of us—men or women alike—have learned how to have the kind of sex that women love.”

Is sex more of a chore, rather than a joy?

So many relationships are undermined because we don’t know enough about sex, especially what women need. Many women often claim that “sex feels like work … another person to please.” She says, many long-term relationship are stuck in a model of “conventional sex” that everyone fails at, and so much of it is because neither men or women understand a woman’s sexual needs and how to fulfill them. Especially feminine orgasms.

In this TEDx Talk, in less than 8 min, she sets out a fascinating, renewed approach to reaching “the radical edge of trust and surrender, where nobody knows what’s going to happen next.”

“In feminine orgasm you don’t make it happen, it makes you happen. We must let go or this won’t happen under pressure or obligation of any kind.” – Bez Stone

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